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AS WAR AND DEVASTATION drag the natural world to the edge of massive extinction, the Supreme Being brings a child to life:

Ellishiva Cinnamon. Deep in the colony of Mannahatta—hidden from human eyes—Ellishiva spends her days nurturing saplings and dealing with her pain-in-the-butt brother Hektor, her clingy little sister Amber, and her well-meaning caretaker, Lady Malinia—the world’s biggest nag.


But Ellishiva’s protected world of endangered species shatters one day when a powerful and ancient evil ambushes her and speaks a cryptic prophecy. Worst of all, no one will believe her story. As the evil gains strength and threatens to destroy all she holds dear, Ellishiva must find the courage to defeat it—or stand by and watch everyone she loves, and the Earth itself, perish.

Ellishiva Cinnamon and The Sixth Element

SKU: 978-0996207102
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