Our premium salt and salt blends, including our gift sets are all packed by hand in small batches, with a focus on holistic mindfulness. Small farmers make our sustainable bamboo containers, and our vintage salt jars let you see the natural beauty of Earth.

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SPICE of the SEA

Japanese Sea Salt with Matcha 


Scents, Flavors & Wellness Benefits


Our Japanese Sea Salt rare and pure white hails from an island-shaped by volcanic forces. 


Oshimia Island is the largest of the islands that make up the Izu archipelago. These “Jewel of the Ocean” sea salt are harvested and crafted by hand, dried either by the sun or tended at low temperatures to preserve precious elements, mineral, and delicate flavors.


These precious grains are fused with Matcha, packed with antioxidants and floral notes. For almost 1,000 years, Matcha is a ceremonial drink that has been consumed in Japan.


Our blend of Japanese salt and Matcha is highly mineralized with an exceptionally pure taste and clean finish. It is the perfect finishing salt that works well in Asian- style dishes like seaweed and sushi.



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Free Standard Shipping on orders $75+

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