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Explore the benefits of turmeric  


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Through her travels to such exotic locales as New Zealand, North Africa, South East Asia, and the Caribbean, to name a few, Nirmala has scoured local markets and remote hillsides for herbs and spices for her company. In this collection of recipes and personal anecdotes, Nirmala includes a thorough glossary of herbs and spices to guide even the most inexperienced cook beyond table salt and pepper.



A spicy blend of climate-fiction fantasy and sharp commentary on the modern era, Ellishva Cinnamon is at once an exploration of the dangers humankind poses to its environment and a celebration of the enduring spirit that unites us all. Enter a magical colony where the voices of extinct animals mingle with the ages-old rhythm of Mother Earth herself-the Va'Nature species. 

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Join "The Indiana Jones of Spices," Nirmala Narine, as she eats her way from Rio to Buenos Aires, capturing the tastes and smells of South America in recipes and photos.

Lifestyle Television

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Nirmala is the host of six seasons and seventy-eight 30-minute episodes of Nirmala's Spice World, a globally syndicated Ayurvedic cooking and lifestyle television show, the first of its kind broadcast to a mainstream Western audience. Through it all, she reveals to readers and viewers alike the wisdom of her ancestral sciences and the curative properties of spices to not only flavor your food, but to heal and beautify your body, nurture your mind, and awaken your innate creativity, intuition, and inner power to live your best life.

                                                                                                                (Veria Living is now ZLiving- check local listings)

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Her  Spice  
Nirmala has a rich history with spices. Their temptation has led her to over 185 countries, revealing to us a mindful path with cultural roots in global foods, beauty secrets, and the fragile environment of our planet—through her best selling books, a foundation to empower and educate abused orphans, wellness lifestyle television series, and the holistic wisdom of botanicals and spices she procures from small farmers for the kitchen and beyond. 

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