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Fun indeed! With my food stylist Kristina and the incomparable, vivacious host Brett Chukerman peddling all things Nirmala’s Kitchen on the Home Shopping Network.

Nirmalas Spice World ZLiving Ayurveda Spice Queen ZeeAlwan ZeeNung ZLiving
Nirmalas Spice World ZLiving Ayurveda Spice Queen ZeeAlwan ZeeNung
Nirmalas Spice World ZLiving Ayurveda Spice Quee
Nirmalas Spice World ZLiving Ayurveda Spice Quee
Nirmalas Spice World ZLiving Ayurveda Spice Quee
Nirmalas Spice World ZLiving Ayurveda Spice Queen ZeeAlwan

“Nirmala’s Spice World”  Join Nirmala for her television series on the ZLiving Network, as she takes viewers into a world of mindful spices from around the globe. She’ll open her Ayurvedic spice library to reveal ancient secrets of spices that for generations have transformed everyday dishes into unique, flavorful and healthy eating experiences. Watch as she unveils the curative properties of spices through modern techniques that not only flavor your food, but may also heal your body, nurture your mind, and rejuvenate inner beauty for total wellness. (Veria Living is now ZLiving- check local listings)

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Foreword   Eric Ripert Executive Chef/Co-owner-Le Bernardin Host Avec Eric, PBS


Nirmala is unique and while I could create an endless list of words to describe her …passionate, full of life, wise, fearless… no words could ever accurately capture her spirit and the joy that she brings to everyone around her when she enters a room.

A friend first introduced me to Nirmala. I remember her calling to say there was an amazing woman she had just met and that I must meet her and try her spices. Needless to say, once I met Nirmala, I was immediately captivated.


Nirmala travels the world and seeks out the exotic. She then brings it home to share and, in doing so, inspires creativity in those around her. For example, she will return from some far-off locale, stop at Le Bernardin and bring me a brand-new spice I have never seen or a new blend that she has created. When she arrives at my kitchen door, she spreads so much positive energy, and everyone is a little bit more excited about their work after her visits.

I believe Nirmala has a special ability to see things a little bit differently than the rest of us, and a true talent for discovering wonderful things that you or I may overlook. We like to refer to her as the Indiana Jones of spices.

When I first had the opportunity to flip through a copy of In Nirmala’s Kitchen, I completely stopped what I was doing. I love this book. What you’ll find in it are wonderful recipes that are exciting and authentic. She has created dishes with unexpected combinations of flavors. You will definitely learn new things…whether it is about technique or the ingredients. Yet the recipes are simple, straightforward and fun to cook.

But what really brings these recipes alive are the stories and photographs from Nirmala’s travels that guide you through the book. Nirmala lives her life like an adventure and in this book, she brings you along. It is a real treat and I guarantee you will want to read every word, from the essays at the beginning of each section to the anecdotes from her childhood and travels that accompany the recipes.

This book will inspire you to get into your kitchen and cook and perhaps it just might move you to embark on your own travels. I know it will inspire you as it’s already inspired me.

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