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Nirmala's Edible Diary


Join beautiful and adventurous Nirmala Narine—“the Indian Jones of Spices”—as she scours the South American countryside in search of the perfect spices for her thriving business, Nirmala’s Kitchen. Take a front row seat as she eats her way from Rio to Santiago to Quito to Buenos Aires. Cool down with an icy lime drink in the blazing noon sun in a dusty Brazilian favela. Float down the Rio Paraguay on a slow boat: the chef on board makes a killer beef empanada. Inhale a crispy snack of Corn Cakes with Blackberry Compote as if you, too, just hiked to breathe in the mist of Angel Falls, the world’s tallest free-falling waterfall.


Nirmala’s Edible Dairy is your passport not only to the ancient ruins and vibrant cities of South America, but also its bustling street markets and welcoming home kitchens.


Sprinkled throughout you’ll find more than 70 authentic recipes for tantalizing stews, juicy drinks, and inviting sweets. Tropical drinks such as Sugarcane, Fig, and Basil Vodka and Guava Pisco Sour will whet your appetite. Classics of French cuisine come with a Latin twist from Nirmala’s French Guianese auntie, Taro Coconut Milk, and Cardamom Vichyssoise and Croquembouche with Rum Coconut are a cross-cultural adventure in the kitchen. Quinoa with Duck Breast Paella makes the perfect dinner party centerpiece, and Sweet Potato Donuts are the sweetest sweets you’ll ever meet.

With more than 100 vivid photographs of the foods, people, and breathtaking natural beauty that make South America a stunning travel destination, as well as dozens of delicious notes from Nirmala’s amazing travels, you can experience exotic lands from the comfort of your armchair. Nirmala captures the flavor and excitement of South America, and brings it home to you!

Nirmala's Edible Diary

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