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Plant-Based Single Origin Spice 
Achiote or Annatto Seeds
Bixa orellana

Often called annatto, or achiote, seeds, these lovely dark reddish seeds are from a small evergreen native to tropical South America.

In pre-Columbian times the seeds were already widely used as a colorant for fabric, food and body paint. Today, its used in a variety of cheeses, smoked fish and the cosmetic industry.

However, for cooking, Annatto seeds must be fried in hot oil or soaked in hot water to extract their exuberant color. Once they're cooled to room temperature, discard the seeds and add the remaining oil or water, which will impart a warm yellow hue to your dish. Its fragrance is of a faint flowery scent, and its flavor has slight peppery notes. In my kitchen, you will always find a bottle of vegetable oil infused with annatto seeds. With a beautiful apricot color, it makes that bowl of rice even more tempting.

Comes in our signature airtight tin, which measures 2-1/2 inches in diameter and 1-3/4 inches in height.


Product weight: 2 oz

Ingredients:  Whole Annatto Seeds

Product Care: Store in a cool, dry place.

Shelf life: 12 months


Nutrition Facts: Serving size: 1 tsp. (2g), Servings Per Container: 9, Amount per Serving: Calories 0, Fat Cal.0, Total Fat 0g (0% DV), Sat. Fat 0g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholest. 0mg(0%DV), Sodium 0mg, (1%DV, Total Carb.1g(0%DV) Fiber 0g(0%DV), Sugars 0G, Protein 0g, Vitamin A(0%DV), Vitamin C(2%DV), Calcium (4%DV), Iron (4%DV), Percent Daily Values DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Peruvian Annatto Seeds

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