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Our premium spices, grains and salt blends, including our gift sets and locally farmed provisions, are all packed by hand in small batches, with a focus on holistic mindfulness.


Ellishiva Cinnamon

Nirmala's latest novel, Ellishiva Cinnamon, is the exciting first volume in a lush historical-fantasy series about environmental stewardship, featuring a strong and empowered young heroine and providing readers with a unique escape into New York City back during the time when it was still an untamed jungle. 

Naturopathic Medicine Shelf

    Ayurveda Wellness

There is always a point of beginning—a place where passion grows, beauty shines and a country is defined. Here’s a great way to learn why your travel choice matters and how you can be the change.

Farmers Havrvesting Organic Vegetables

Farmstead Foundation

The Nirmala's Farmstead Foundation exists to empower, educate, and cultivate future generations of farmers, agricultural leaders and natural resource curators through ancient wisdom and complexities of modern living.blends are designed to flavor meats while creating a crusty surface as the meat cooks

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