Is Your Spice Planet Friendly?


Nirmala's spice offerings are part of a movement to recognize the value of the farmers, honor Mother Nature, and the linkage between the benefits of spices, its unique medicinal, beauty & flavor properties from the most distinct cultures on Earth. 

"The Mistress of Spices ..."  Martha Stewart

"The Spice Rack that has everything..."

The New York Times

"The Indiana Jones of Spices..." Eric Ripert, Executive Chef/Co-owner-Le Bernardin 

"How cool is she! Globe-trotting diva-is our new favorite Spice Girl ..."  Rachael Ray

"UNISEX BEAUTY with Spices-adds Spice of Life to your years"

GQ Magazine

Entrepreneur of year—Gourmet’s 20 under 40”
                                                  -GOURMET NEWS

Her  Spice  


Nirmala has a rich history with spices.

Their temptation has led her to over 167 countries, revealing to us a mindful path to global foods, cultures, healthy eating habits, beauty secrets, and the environment—through several best-selling travel memoir cookbooks, a foundation to empower and educate abused orphans, Ayurvedic lifestyle television series, and the holistic wisdom of botanicals and spices she procures from small farmers for the kitchen and beyond. 

Discover the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, (science of life) botanicals & the medicinal properties of SPICES for modern living and healthy eating habits.

Nirmala's Latest, young adult Climate-Change Fiction

(Cli-Fi) novel lays the foundation for a whole new crop of environmentalist, bringing awareness to a catastrophic Earth they will one day inherit.


Join Nirmala for her television series "Nirmala's Spice World" on the ZLiving Network, as she takes viewers through an Ayurvedic lifestyle, a journey of food and beauty with botanicals and spices.

She'll open her spice library to reveal ancient secrets of spices that for generations have transformed everyday dishes into unique, flavorful, and healthy eating for real life. 

Nirmala unveils the curative properties of spices through modern techniques that not only flavor your food but also bring us ageless self-care rituals from around the world to nourish your body

and awaken your inner beauty.

(Veria Living is now ZLiving- check local listings)

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  Get some exciting spiced recipes to keep you warm and grounded through the season.

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