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Ellishiva Cinnamon & The Sixth Element

The Plant-Based Spice magic of Ellishiva Cinnamon.

Ellishiva is a tale of environmental stewardship, so all of its magic had to be a metaphor for responsible management and understanding of Earth’s ecosystem. In the series, “Silverdine” is magical spice dust derived from the Aak plant of the Himalayas. The Va’Natures species, use it as a means to transport through worlds and tame even the wildest beast. The fairies and elves use “Rojorine,” another magic spice dust from the dragon’s blood plant, native to Soqotra in the Arabian Sea. And finally, “Bluzure” magic spice dust is made from bioluminescent mushrooms. These plant-based elements found on Earth today is what powers Mannahatta Colony, and vehicles like the flying chariots. I wanted magic to be real and touchable and educational.

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Nirmala in Indonesia, procuring her spices from smallholder farmers while filming her Television show, the spice girl is always multi-tasking..


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