Shoonya – The Significance of ‘No-Thingness’

Empty your cup—embrace the power of ‘No-Thingness’, -traditionally acknowledged as Shoonya in Indian Vedic philosophy. As we enter 2020, letting go does not mean losing the knowledge we have gained from 2019.

The experience of the past remains with us. Letting go simply means to release any images, pain, sufferings, jealousy, fears, and disappointments that attaches to your spirit. Like emptying a cup, leaving "No-Thingness" in it--leaves us free to replenish with new enriching experiences in 2020 and beyond.

Shoonya, in a sense, could be translated as “emptiness,” though this translation “emptiness” does not do the Sanskrit word justice. Emptiness seems so sad—in a sense, that suggests an absence of something that was supposed to be there.

Shoonya is not an absence – it is a limitless presence. Numerically, Shoonya is simply zero. While zero was invented in India, they did not see it as an absence but as the ultimate number that adds value to any other number. Shoonya is Infinity. In Sanskrit, it is Sat, Chit, Amanda – truth, consciousness, and bliss for you and everything around you.

To put this Vedic philosophy into modern perspective – over ninety-nine percent of the Rta or the cosmos is empty. At night, in the empty reaches of space, if you can see stars, it means you’re being bathed in their electromagnetic energy. In the darkest emptiness, there’s always something. Perhaps a true zero — meaning absolute "No-Thingness."

This is what we refer to as Shoonya. As the life that you are, you have a choice: Either you can be a small creature in this vast emptiness, or you can be that emptiness, which is the source of all creation.

To practice ‘No-Thingness’, let yourself sit comfortably and quietly, on the floor, or in a chair. Close your eyes. Bring a kind, awareness to your breath and body. Take several minutes to relax and settle in your position. Feel and hear your soft rhythmic breathing. Bring into awareness any drama, feelings, situations, and reactions, and that now is the moment to let it go. Name them gently (jealousy, anger, anxiety, etc.) and allow them the space to be, to float without resistance. Continue to breathe deeply.

Your body and mind will react, as you feel the unhappiness that comes from holding on. Ask yourself, “Do I want to receive betrayal, sadness, and so on? Do I have to hold on to these feelings? Is it time to let this go or keep it?”

The mind will know. Feel the benefit, and the ease that will come from this healing journey.

Now begin to say to yourself, “let go, let go,” gently, over and over. Soften the body and mind and let any feelings that arise drain out of you like emptying a cup, leaving "No-Thingness."

"Shoonya is Infinity. In Sanskrit, it is Sat, Chit, Amanda – truth, consciousness, and bliss for you and everything around you."

Let it all go. Feel the space of ‘No-Thingness’ that comes as you let go, how the mind releases, and the body opens. You can begin a journey of transformation into 2020, with continuous practice of just a few minutes per day. The ‘No-Thingness’ practice of Shoonya feeds and nourish ourselves in Sat, Chit, Amanda – truth, consciousness, and bliss for you and everything around you.

We wish you health, happiness, and peace throughout the year.

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