Grilled Salmon with Cinnamon, Orange and Pomegranate

The balance of sweet and tangy flavors coat salmon fillets, infusing them with a delicate brightness from the cinnamon. This simple recipe features a mixture of fresh orange juice and zest, deliciously complemented by pomegranate and agave. Half of this cinnamon-orange-pomegranate blend acts as a marinade, while the other half simmers into a thick sauce to driz zle over the fish fillets as they come out of the oven. Now, if you have diabetes or just watching your sugar intake, you might not feel like drizzling the thick sauce on the cooked fillets-your preference, as always eat in moderation. This easy salmon entree best served with healthy side dishes such as roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, or quinoa.

Note on Agave, this sweetener contains less glucose and so has a lower glycemic index (GI) value than table sugar. This means the body absorbs agave more slowly into the bloodstream and does not cause such a rapid spike in insulin.

Sweet, Subtle and Savory