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"The Mistress of Spices ..."  Martha Stewart

"The Spice Rack that has everything..."

"The Indiana Jones of Spices..." Eric Ripert, Executive Chef/Co-owner-Le Bernardin 

Nirmala Narine Food and Dining, The Spice Rack that has everything by Florence Fabricant, a featured article in the New York Times. Female entrepreneur who travels to far-flung destinations, discovering cultural meals and traditions. Nirmala’s Kitchen all natural, plant-based spices from small farmers and unique cultures of Earth.

"How cool is she! Globe-trotting diva-is our new favorite Spice Girl ..."  Rachael Ray

"UNISEX BEAUTY with Spices-adds Spice of Life to your years..."

GQ Magazine

Entrepreneur of year—Gourmet’s 20 under 40”
                                       -GOURMET NEWS